About us

We understand the requirements and risks of projects and the need for robust and professional cost and schedule control from the outset; early engagement allows our proactive approach to maximise control and minimise risks and disputes.

Should problems occur, we have the strategic expertise to manage and resolve claims and disputes, through our co-ordinated team of contract specialists, forensic delay analysts and expert witnesses combined with legal consultants from Systech Law.

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Our team

Our professional team delivers services over the full lifespan of projects – from bid to handover – from our offices across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The feedback we receive from our staff is that the projects are interesting, their peers are talented and helpful, and the company is incredibly supportive. That support can be mentorship, training, or by providing an opportunity to travel around the world...and share time together after work.

Our culture

Our culture is proactive rather than reactive; avoiding disputes and allowing parties to work together to manage project delivery.

We will ensure measures are in place for the early identification of issues impacting cost, schedule and risk, along with a focus on their timely resolution.

Our preventative approach aims to avoid claims and disputes, but should they occur, to manage and resolve them quickly and holistically, taking the overall project objectives and delivery team relationships into account.

This ensures that our clients can make immediate, informed decisions on programme, risk, cost, contractual, claim and dispute issues.

We work closely with our clients to advise and support them with their staff upskilling programmes, to ensure a legacy whereby expertise is shared for the benefit of future projects.

L i a

Forward thinking

L i a

We embrace the use of new technology, adding value to our core services through visualisations, high impact graphics and presentations that communicate key claim and dispute resolution messages, and apps that support the project delivery process.

Staff commitment

R i a

We are committed to continuous investment in our people, whether they are starting out on their career or are an established professional, and we provide targeted training and development. We have a structured APC Training Programme that has been approved by the RICS and we are familiar with the associated mentoring requirements. We also offer support to those individuals studying for membership of the CIOB.

Working with Systech

"Systech have helped us
evaluate contracts and risks in a way that architects are not generally best placed to judge."

Founding Partner, Weston Williamson, Architect

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