Systech training seminar


Systech training…your route to improved staff and project performance

We improve commercial and contractual standards through targeted and focused training delivered by professionals with a hands-on knowledge of the subject who can talk from a “been there, got the battle scar” perspective.

We design and deliver bespoke training programmes to address specific areas of staff improvement and upskilling in good commercial/contractual practices and procedures. We adopt a preventative approach, offering project workshops that ensure the delivery team fully appreciates the specific obligations and risks of a scheme before work commences and that contract compliant procedures are in place and understood.

  • Improved staff and project performance
  • Training delivered by consultants with hands-on project experience
  • Tailored to suit business needs and meet learning objectives
  • Range of training options; company-wide programmes, specialist topic, project kick-off workshops, lunch and learn
  • Duration, timing and venue of sessions to suit your requirement
  • Comprehensive range of subjects
  • Workshops to aid learning
  • Use of real project examples to illustrate key issues

What we focus on:

  • Understanding the contract and obligations
  • Establish cost and programme baseline
  • Robust contract management
  • Change control
  • Early warnings and notices
  • Record keeping
  • As-built programme, control of time
  • Getting paid on time
  • Margin maximisation
  • Supply chain management
  • Avoiding disputes
  • Managing claims
  • Resolving disputes


What our clients say

"Really glad I attended, best training I have had in years"

"Very well presented by someone who had an in depth understanding of what happens practically on site as well as what should happen"




"One of the most informative training courses I have been on"

"A very well prepared learning exercise with excellent delivery"

"I am going home with an armful of knowledge"