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Site Diary App

The three most important aspects of good contract management are records, records, records! If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.

Our in-house developed Site Diary App makes project record keeping really easy. The app ensures that key information is captured, giving you back-up to manage your project and evidence to recover additional entitlements.

The app will be specifically configured for your project and will ensure that searchable records are stored in a secure database and daily reports circulated to your project team.

Contact us to arrange a free trial of the app on your project.


  • In-house developed project record keeping app
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Establishes a daily record keeping process and discipline
  • Ensures contemporaneous project record keeping
  • Project specific, relevant questions
  • Users aware of the key issues to look out for on site
  • Daily consolidated report distributed to project team
  • Improved project team communication and information sharing
  • Early flagging of key issues
  • Evidence for additional entitlements and defence to criticisms
  • Searchable data stored in secure database

What our clients say

“The app has reduced my contract administration by an hour a day”

“The reports give me a heads-up on the key activities from the previous day and an action list to follow up”

“It helps to have an agreed set of questions to respond to each day rather than individuals having to decide what is important”

“Proved really useful as a tool for communicating between the team out on site and head office”

“Staff using the app have become more commercially aware”

“The app has established a discipline to our site record keeping and gives me confidence that project records are being maintained”

“Good value”

Site Diary App

Records, records, records! We have developed an app that can be configured to your project to ensure that a daily contemporary record, including photographs, is maintained with the information stored in a secure database. Watch our video to learn more.

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