Delay Analysis Software

Delay Analysis Software

Delay analysis and projects controls software offering unique forensic time analysis precision for the prosecution or defence of claims.

Our Senior Forensic Delay Analyst, Charley Thomas Long, has developed a delay analysis and projects controls software which gives early delay warnings, prepares high-quality contemporary records and offers unique forensic time analysis precision for the prosecution or defence of claims.

The software produces daily windows and time impact analysis reports, a ground-breaking improvement to standard monthly reporting.

Delays are identified in real-time or anticipated in advance, allowing informed decision-making and preventative mitigation measures to be put in place ahead of project impacts. A daily critical path is prepared and documentation to substantiate events or delays attached to the timeline. Acceleration and mitigation measures are also analysed.

As a project controls tool, the software rapidly compares schedules, lists the differences and generates a new schedule based on the changes that are acceptable. All this is done in minutes!

It is Primavera compatible, endorsed by the International Construction Law Association and fully compliant with recognised international delay analysis standards.

If your project has the potential for delay, the software is essential in helping you establish the facts. It will also save you significant costs if a delay claim is required or needs to be analysed.

Project planning and monitoring

Delays identified in real-time and critical activities flagged using a powerful “radar view” capability.

Delay Analysis

“Daily” windows analysis, which is 30-times more accurate than the standard “monthly” analysis, that helps clarify common delay claim entitlement and concurrency issues.

Delay Analysis Software Video

Our video explains the features of the software and the benefits they bring to your project.

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